Painting Services FAQs

All of our workmanship is guaranteed for 5 years. The paint itself is guaranteed by the paint manufacturer
At York Pro we only use premium paints if a defect in workmanship appears and is reported to our company within the warranty period, we will inspect the affected areas and make any necessary repairs to the painted area.
The guarantee from the York Pro shall be for repairing the defective paint area and not any consequential damages to substrates or anything else.
Some issues, for example peeling, may be due to influences other than workmanship and are not covered by this warranty. For example, peeling paint on a fascia board under a leaking gutter.
When we are finishing your job we ask you to take a walk around the property with our foreman, to take care of any touch ups required.

We all want to get excellent value for our money, the cheapest price and the best price are very seldom one in the same.
A “cheap” job can become very expensive when you need to call in another painter, such work has little and in some cases no preparation, so it would require a complete repaint after a short time, this would in fact cost you substantially more that getting the job done properly in the beginning.
We focus on detailed preparation in order to make our job last we only use top quality premium paints from established paint companies.
Our prices are very competitive when you are comparing the same preparations and procedures as others.
When you combine this with our guarantee and compare us to other contractors we know you will find us to be excellent value.

“You only get what you pay for”

Once the job is scheduled, you will be given an approximate starting date. We will call you to confirm start date a day or two before work begins. In most cases we can begin within 1 to 2 weeks. Even at peak seasons, lead-time is never more than 3 weeks.
If it is necessary to get your property painted immediately, we can probably make special arrangements to paint right away or on the weekend.
We are available for both commercial and residential customers who need work done during weekends.

Once York Pro begins work on your job, a team will be there on consecutive days until your job is completed. Team sizes and product drying times will determine how long each project takes to complete

If possible, please walk around your home before the painters arrive.
It will be helpful to us if you can remove any items that are against or near the house. This would include woodpiles, potted plants, lawn furniture, tools etc.
All plants, trees and flowers will be covered to protect them from paint. Some branches may need to be trimmed to provide access to surfaces.

Interiors – What should we do before painters arrive?
If not previously arranged, the following-Please prepare rooms for us by doing the following:

-Remove all pictures and paintings (leave nail holes if you plan to re-hang pictures in the same spot).
-Remove unwanted nails so the holes can be filled.
-Remove all small and fragile objects – tables, shelves and floors should be left empty.
-Remove all window treatments.

By providing clear access for our crew it will allow York Pro to do a more complete job.
It would be helpful also make arrangements to have any pets looked after during the job.
If you need help with heavy or high items please ask.

We will do the following:
-Move all furniture into the center of the room
-Cover furniture and lampshades with clear plastic.
-Remove and replace all switch plates.
-Cover all floors with drop sheets
-Tape skirting boards to prevent paint from dripping.
-Clean the room upon its completion.

After we leave, we recommend that you do the following:

-Open and close all windows every other day for 1-2 weeks to prevent sticking.
-Wait 2 weeks before paint is fully cured for aggressive wear and tear.

There are a number of good painting contractors to choose from and what you will normally find is that the established companies are usually fairly close in price.
However at times you will get an estimate that is a lot lower than others and at times you may get one that seems excessively high. There could be many factors here.
Is the company licensed and insured?
Do the painters work for the company therefore being subject to all of the additional expenses? or are they daily labor?

Clean up is a very important part of our job. All materials used in the painting of your property will be removed.
Paint scrapings and sanding dust will be swept from the walkways, driveways, decks etc. Any spills are immediately and thoroughly removed.
Although we do clean-up rooms after we are finished, this clean up is no substitute for a cleaning service. It is recommended that you have someone do a thorough cleaning after we have left.

All items and or surfaces that are not to be painted are covered with clean drop sheets and/or plastic sheets, or moved from the area (and later replaced), or otherwise protected as a normal part of our preparation process.
I have some cracks that always reappear, is there anything we can do?
Cracks can always be repaired and regardless of the preparation done some may reappear.
However your best chance at successfully repairing those cracks is to dig out the crack, fill it, tape it with a fiberglass mesh tape and sand it smooth. Then prime over your patched area before repainting.

Really no affect.
This is because York Pro will only paint on days that are suitable for painting. Your job is fully warranted and we will not do any painting in conditions that may jeopardize this warranty

We use many products from all companies because each job is different. Which paint company we use on your project is determined by customer preference, location of project, nature of work to be accomplished, and length of warrantee required.
This way we are able to provide the best products for your job.
Does someone have to be home during the painting process?
Not necessarily, but we do recommend it.
We prefer that you watch our work in progress so we may answer any questions.
We do require access to electricity and water. All doors will need to be open during the painting process and left open 3 to 5 hours to dry properly. If you are unable to be home, we can make special arrangements for you.
We do require owners be home/office at completion of job.

Improvements in acrylic, water borne paint technology has improved substantially.
The result is a quick drying acrylic-latex paint which levels well, cleans up with water, and can stand up to severe wear and tear.
In addition, latex paints do not yellow. Because of the nature of their composition, oil base paints (particularly whites and off-whites) begin yellowing almost the moment they are applied. Not only does this result in a gradual discoloration of the paint film, it makes touch-up increasingly difficult as time passes.
Oil-base primers, interior enamel and industrial grade enamel are still available in their original formulation and perform well.

Full-gloss is superior for cleaning and durability, so it is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms high-traffic hallways on ceilings walls and woodwork.

Semi gloss is ideal for woodwork in most other rooms apart from wet areas.
On the other hand, semi-gloss will not show as much imperfections as full gloss on surfaces.

Low sheen is mainly used in general rooms on walls because its washable and has a slight sheen to it, it goes well with woodwork which is painted with a semi gloss finish.

Flat does a superior job of hiding slight irregularities in the wall surface, so it is frequently used in living and dining rooms. It also scatters light falling on it, preventing glare. However, its more porous surface is not easily cleaned.

These same characteristics are also true of exterior paint. flat paints tend to attract dirt more readily, and do not clean as well as paints with some sheen. However, high gloss paints also magnify defects in the surface.

A satin, finish provides clean ability without the negative characteristics of higher gloss paints.


However there are necessary steps that must be taken first in order to assure success. Only use a contractor who is knowledgeable about those steps and one who is willing to explain the proper procedures for your particular substrate to you.

Your home’s exterior is the first impression visitors have of you. You should want it to look good.

First, be sure to take into account the fixed colours of your home – brick, stonework and the roof colour. You may want to consider choosing a paint colour that will pick up the colour from one of these non-painted areas such as, for example, a brown that appears in your brick. In addition, the style of your home may play a role in the colours you select. If, for example, you have an architecturally accurate reproduction of a colonial-style home, you may want to use authentic exterior colours from that period. Or, if you have a Victorian-era home you may want to use a number of colours to accentuate the architectural details on your home. Another way to set your home off is to create an interesting welcoming entrance by painting your front door in a bold colour scheme.
A fool proof way is to buy sample pots of your chosen colour and paint a small area, do not forget to look at the area in different times of the day as lighting plays an important role.

Depending on size of job, a deposit is required upon signing of contract
With smaller jobs, payment is due in full upon completion of work. Please make arrangements to pay when the job is complete.
In the case of larger jobs a progressive payment schedule will be set up.
Pre established commercial accounts are on a standard Net 7 day schedule.

If paint is starting to peel, the sooner you repaint the better. The longer you wait, the more preparation time will be necessary and the higher the cost will be. Some businesses and homeowners paint every 4 to 6 years.
Why? It keeps the home or business looking its best at all times, they stay ahead of deterioration, and it’s very cost effective because there is very little prep time-just sand and paint. Having to spend 4 or 5 days scraping peeling paint can add a tremendous amount to the cost of a new paint job.
A fresh paint job always helps the value of a property! Painting your property before it starts to deteriorate is always the smart and economical thing to do. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting compliments on your professionally painted property!

If you have any problem at all with your paint job, please give us a call! We will take care of it! Our reputation is our greatest asset, which we have maintained in good standing since 1999!

We want you happy upon the completion of your job.

But regardless of the quality of work done, if at the completion you are unhappy with the colour you chose, you most likely will not use our company again.
Every painting contractor has had a job where the customer liked the quality of work, the crew and everything about the company but they were unhappy with the colours used and now their whole perspective is clouded and they view the job as a bad experience.

After selecting a painting contractor, the selection of colours to be used are the next most important decision you need to make. Take your time on colour selection.
Ask for colour charts ahead of time and buy a sample pot of paint to try it on a couple of different areas of your home as well as in different types of lighting if you feel you need to.
The cost of a few sample pot of paint is much cheaper than repainting a room or entire house if you end up unhappy with the colour chosen.

Electrical Services FAQs

York Pro has consistently been in business since 1999. Our top quality mechanics have been with us for over a decade. They also are constantly going to classes and seminars to be up to date on code changes and new technology. We also have been involved in helping the community for years. We respect people’s homes, use drop clothes, clean up, and show up when appointments are scheduled. We are licensed. Most of our success has been because of referrals.

Frequent breaker trips could be a sign that the circuit is being overloaded somewhere on the property. A wire, socket, or appliance could be overheating, which could eventually cause a fire.

A light bulb that prematurely burns out in a particular lamp or socket is a sign of a poor electrical connection causing heat build-up in the lamp. Identifying the poor connection and repairing it should resolve the issue.

Yes. A loose plug in an outlet results in high electrical resistance. Electrical resistance causes overheating, which often results in a fire. An overheating outlet may also damage the connected device or appliance. Replacing an electrical outlet is a relatively inexpensive task.

A breaker could be loose, or a hot breaker is allowing current to flow between hot and neutral. Either issue should be inspected immediately by a qualified electrician.

Some counties and cities allow do-it-yourself wiring, but you must have a permit and your installation must be inspected by the city or county electrical inspector. Some locations require a certified contractor to install electrical wiring. Contact your local government for the specific laws in your area. Regardless, it’s a good idea to hire a licensed electrician.

More voltage at the same cycles per second (cps), which means more power to the appliance. Generally, 220V is used for large appliances, 110V is used for small appliances. Using a 110V appliance in a 220V outlet will burn out the appliance. Using a 220V appliance in a 110V outlet will make the appliance run slow or not at all.

A surge protector is an appliance that protects an electrical device from voltage spikes. A surge protector is designed to limit the voltage flow to an electric device by blocking any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

Determine the amperage requirements. Calculate the total square footage of livable space, not including unfinished basement, attic, garage, crawl spaces. Inventory your electrical needs: heating system, air conditioning system, all electrical appliances (dryer, range, dishwasher, hot tubs, pools) etc., and then contact an electrician with this information.

Yes, you are responsible for the meter box and the connection to your property from the electric company’s equipment.

Yes! For an hourly rate, we will do an electrical inspection for your home. We offer a more thorough electrical inspection than the “home inspectors” because we are experts in that field and specialize in that area. We are up to date on all codes, various city requirements, local utility company mandates, and we take annual continuing education classes to ensure you get a highly accurate report. If we are at your house for another issue/project anyway, make sure to ask us to give you an inspection.

Call us at 416 567 2691. We can look at your project after hours if needed and work with you to schedule a time during our business hours to save you the extra costs of after hour overtime.

We always try to work in emergencies and smaller jobs as soon as possible. Larger projects are scheduled with you to meet your deadlines and coordinate with other subs and utility companies. Call and we’ll get you on our job list.
Of course. However, we are limited in the materials available after hours and on weekends. And, many emergencies require city inspectors and utility company involvement which is hard to get after hours. We will, however, always get your home or business in a safe condition and schedule the permanent repair for the next business day. It is always advisable to keep your electrical systems in good working order to avoid overtime pricing for late night, weekend, and holiday emergencies. Our best after hour contact is email at
When we started York Pro, we accepted work on the premise that we would help everyone. We would not hand pick projects or discriminate against any job no matter how small, dirty, or challenging. Over our 20 years, we have continued to help clients with all sorts of electrical problems/projects. We change light bulbs and smoke alarm batteries, hang Christmas lights, and have reset many breakers and GFCI receps! As for too big? We have very long time customers who tell us they are amazed at the large projects we complete with our size of a shop. In addition, we have resources to hire additional well trained and licensed electricians to tackle large commercial projects or time crunch jobs. (In our career, we have NEVER missed a deadline or held up a job!)

Yes! And we are glad you asked…no matter who you end up hiring, make certain the contractor is licensed, bonded, and insured! We carry general liability insurance, bonds, and worker’s compensation insurance.

We only employ well trained, qualified electricians. We go above and beyond the “other guy“. We will work with the utility company, city inspector, material vendors, and general contractors to help you every step of your project. We are a local and stable company and will still be here to warranty our work and maintain your system in the future.

General Building & Renovation FAQs

York Pro has consistently been in business since 1999. Our top quality builders and renovators have been with us for over a decade. They also are constantly going to classes and seminars to be up to date on code changes and new technology. We also have been involved in helping the community for years. We respect people’s homes, use drop clothes, clean up, and show up when appointments are scheduled. We are licensed. Most of our success has been because of referrals.

Renovating, also called remodeling, is a process of restoring (something old, broken, damaged, or outmoded structure, especially a building) to a good state of repair, or to make new again. To renovate a house or building means to resurrect that structure from a state of disrepair.

In home construction, this includes re-painting, re-facing cabinets, installing new light fixtures, or adding other finishes and fixtures, etc. Technically, it’s to change the character of a house or a portion of a house.

Or you may be relocating to a new location and you need help with some ideas and suggestions for the design of your new home.

If you’re planning on remodeling or renovating your house or mapping an interior furniture design, it is important to consult an experienced renovation contractor or architect before you begin your project AND make sure you research first to ensure that your project gets done right the first time around!

Do you want to decorate or redecorate? Are having trouble finding ideas? Our Interior Design and Residential Renovation Service is here to give you a helping hand. We offer a wide range of renovation and remodeling services to make your home stand out..

We also have re-designed packages that you can choose from, or pick up the phone and tell us about your tastes and lifestyle, and let us bring your ideas to life. We start by listening to you and then design the remodel project according to your exact needs and wants.

We offer a wide range of renovation and remodeling services to make your home stand out. We start by listening to you and then design the remodel project according to your exact needs and wants.

We have over 20 years of experience passed down from generations in all facets of remodeling, kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, screen rooms, sun rooms, hurricane protection, pool cages and pool screens, windows, garages and general renovation and construction projects. We are confident about what we can offer and are proud of our every work.

Yes, an appointment is preferred. The reason is because our coordinators are frequently out at project sites to make sure projects are running smoothly. To make sure someone is around to attend to you, please let us know that you are coming to avoid disappointment.

Yes, we only furnish your contact information for the purpose of responding to your request to quote. Your contact information will NOT be used for any other purpose.
Yes, but we recommend that you remove everything possible – especially your most important possessions. Although we take extreme precautions to protect your belongings, dust flies everywhere during construction. And, much of it is microscopic so no matter what we (or you) do to protect them, your belongings will get dust particles on and in them.
Yes. We make special efforts to minimize our foot print both during and after completing our remodeling work, so you can better enjoy the remodeling process and its rewards.

Yes, if the modifications fit within the scope of the project, a modified quotation is created and when the customer and York Pro, the project can easily move that direction.

Sure, anytime. York Pro Contracting Group is a friendly cooperation. We are to help you.

Yes. You can also go to the contact us page and email us with information that you would like to have completed or drop us a call. When our team member meets with you, they will discuss all of the options that might be available, and help to guide you for what will work best for your situation.

It depends upon what your budget is. We already had some available pre-designed packages along with pre-estimated budgets, but you can always drop us a call to have more accurate information according to your needs. During your Free Design Consultation the Remodeling Consultant should be able to tell you if we can work within your budget, and whether your budgetary expectations are reasonable or not. Once we set your budget and prepare a labor proposal, WE KEEP TO THE PRICE WE QUOTE YOU. And, because our team is knowledgeable about the products you need, we’ll be able to show you materials that should keep you within your budget. Be confident to contact us and discuss about this.

It will depend upon the scope of work. You will be instructed by your Remodeling Consultant as to what exact steps you need to take. But, generally speaking, you’ll want to clear out the area being worked on of all your personal belongings that can be removed. Although, we cover the areas surrounding our work area, you’ll want to protect your furniture from dust with plastic and/or sheets.

When you are thinking about making additions to your existing building, or simply building a new spot for your business, then think about York Pro Contracting Group. We are a local Toronto,Canada business, and we know the support and expertise to provide for our commercial clients.

We work with nearly any kind of business location in the country, including:

  • Shops
  • Office Suites
  • Workplaces
  • Banks and Credit Unions
  • Legal and Medical Offices
  • Restaurants and Dining Rooms
  • Repurposed Corporate Spaces
  • Apartments

Furthermore, we can build any type of construction projects, large and small, including Schools, Metal Buildings, Banks, Churches, and just about anything that you can think of. We possess experience in a variety of industries, and we are prepared to take on any new challenge.

Yes. As a leading construction company for commercial construction projects throughout Canada, we offer design/build construction. With this approach to construction, we can offer superior cost and scheduling control for your project. As design / build contractors, we will work with architects and engineers during the design phase of your project. Then during the construction phase, we will manage your project keeping your interests and goals as a top priority. If you are looking for a design / build company that you can trust to provide you with a complete turnkey project from design to handing the key over, contact our experienced staff at York Pro Contracting Group.

All the time, we will meet the timeline as we started off doing any residential or commercial projects where timeline is mostly critical.

If all information we need is adequate (authorities’ approval, design confirmation, material availability, prompt payment) and the requested timeline is reasonable, we do not see why there should be any delay.

At York Pro Contracting Group, we can handle any size construction or renovation project. Whether you need a construction company for simple projects such as hanging a door or installing windows or for large institutional construction project ranging in the millions, we will bring the same top notch quality and craftsmanship that we provide in each project we complete.

Only if you as the client request something additional after the contract has been signed or a discovery of an unforeseen and not allowed for scope becomes relevant during the project. This would been informed to the client with the options and costs associated for client approval to be given before proceeding.

Flooring Services FAQs

To keep your lacquered floor looking its best, regular cleaning and maintenance is highly advisable. Using the correct products is a must, to ensure the shine is retained and the lacquered coating is not damaged. We recommend a combination of dry cleaning to remove dirt and dust particles, and damp cleaning to keep the floor looking brand new and protect it against scratches. Intermittently, you may have to intensively clean your floor to provide protection against continued wear. Felt guards under furniture legs is highly recommended to prevent furniture damage / scratches to the floor.

Regular cleaning of your oiled floor will keep it looking its best. Maintaining your floor in the correct way is essential, as the oil it has been treated with has specific needs compared to other finishes. We recommend that you dry clean the floor daily with a vacuum or a soft brush to remove grit or dirt. And you should damp clean the floor at least weekly using a lightly applied cleaning product. Following that you should mop the floor dry. This will both reduce the chance your floor will be scratched by abrasive particles and increase the floor’s resistance to signs of wear. Felt guards under furniture legs is highly recommended to prevent furniture damage / scratches to the floor.
Yes! Our engineered floors are expertly constructed to be stable enough and have a low enough moisture content for under floor heating. The most important issue to remember is that wooden floors installed over under floor heating should never exceed a surface temperature of 27 degrees celsius.

You can with engineered wood flooring but not with solid wood flooring. Underlays come in varying thickness offering different qualities. If using an underlay, then the installation of your wood flooring will be a floating floor installation.

All wood floors need to be acclimatised, solid wood flooring will need 7-10 days compared to engineered wood flooring where 72 hours is sufficient. To acclimatise the wood flooring, it should be stored in the room or the area the wood is to be installed.
Wood is a natural product, so is sensitive to the environment where it is kept. Because of this, almost every wood floor will endure some expansion and contraction as seasons and humidity levels change. When homes are heated, humidity levels drop, causing boards to shrink and spaces to appear between the boards. In very dry months, cracks can easily develop to the thickness of a thumbnail, for example. With lighter coloured woods, the gaps and cracks may appear larger because of the contrast between the gap and the colour of the wood. Square edge boards will also show cracks more. These spaces are to be expected and will usually close as the seasons change and moisture returns to the air. To reduce the degree of change, home owners can add moisture to the air during the dry months, ideally by installing a humidifier or by buying some potted plants!

Although most carpet installers will remove furnishings from the room, you should remove all breakable items–like vases, lamps, collectibles, and dishes–before the installer arrives. You should detach wiring from TVs, VCRs, stereos, and computers. You should also clear desktops, tabletops, and bookshelves.

It may be necessary to remove moldings and reattach them during installation. Because some moldings, particularly quarter round, are fragile, breakage could occur. If it does, you will be responsible for replacing them. Scratches or nicks to baseboards are also a possibility, and you will be responsible for the touchups.

All sheets, blankets, and spreads should be removed from beds before the installers arrive. All items from the tops of dressers and from closet floors should also be cleared.

The removal of existing carpet on the day of installation is typically a part of an installer’s service, but you should ask to make sure. Hauling the old carpet and padding away may require an additional fee.

Installers provide the know-how, the equipment, and the muscle;you provide the power. Installers will need to use your power for their electrical tools, and they will typically use such areas as porches or patios to store equipment.

Wallpaper Services FAQs

You can contact our friendly customer services team via email at or by telephone on (416) 567 2691. Our team will be in the office Monday-Friday: 7am to 6pm and Saturday: 8am to 5pm.

Whilst we always try our best to make our images as true to form as possible, the contrast on screens varies as does the lighting in everyone’s home. Therefore by ordering a sample you can check the wallpaper’s colour and thickness as well as getting a better idea of details such as glitter, metallic highlights and texture and how a particular paper will look in your home.
Samples can also help you choose between different colours and finishes and to consider other colours ways and designs and how they will look in your home.
Sure! One of the most common questions we have at York Pro is from customers asking how many rolls of wallpaper they need to cover their room. There’s nothing worse than getting halfway through decorating and finding that you don’t have enough wallpaper, or finishing the job with rolls to spare. Just Call Us or Contact via Email and we can help you with calculation!

Lining wallpaper is great if your wall has imperfections as it will provide you with a smoother and better end result. It also provides a fantastic base for wallpaper in general to stick to ensure a superior finish.

It is possible but to achieve the best result we wouldn’t recommend it. The new wallpaper will also not adhere to other textured or vinyl coated wallpapers underneath. It’s always best to strip off any existing wallpaper before re-decorating.
When hanging paste the wall wallpaper, you simply apply the paste directly to the wall rather than the paper. This type of wallpaper is made from a specially designed material which is much stronger than traditional wallpaper and requires no soaking time due to the special mesh-like properties.

Wallpaper needs to be allowed to dry naturally in a well ventilated environment. In areas of high temperature, the drying process may speed up causing the wallpaper to shrink leaving the dreaded gaps in between strips.

For the best possible result, ensure your walls are in their best condition prior to wallpapering. Be sure to remove all old paste residues. The old paste can stop the new paste from adhering to the wall properly. The wall must be roughened with sandpaper too. Emulsion paint can also result in application errors as again the paste cannot penetrate into the wall.

When hanging wallpaper it is so important to use a high quality wallpaper paste or adhesive. If you want to create a professional finish then getting the right adhesive is crucial. We also advise that you always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines on the reverse of the wallpaper label.

Whilst we offer both ready mixed paste and multipurpose adhesive at World of Wallpaper, we would recommend the ready mixed paste for best results. If you are unsure which is the best paste to use with your wallpaper, please feel free to contact us for advise.


There are generally two types of bubbles associated with hanging wall coverings which are either due to trapped air or more seriously, continued expansion:

Air bubbles can generally be identified by their shape and will show themselves as a relatively ’round’ type bubble (diameter approx 4-8 inches). These are caused when the paper is smoothed unevenly. The best way to avoid air bubbles is to gently brush the paper down the centre and then out to the edges as you work down the sheet. If bubbles are immediately identified as the wall covering is being hung then simply lift the wall covering from the bottom and re-brush/smooth it back down. Air bubbles will reduce slightly upon drying, but will not disappear completely. Pricking them with a needle and then attempting to brush them out after they have dried will almost certainly result in creasing.

Expansion bubbles or creases are caused by continual expansion of the wall covering. This occurs when the paper has not been left to soak for the recommended time. They normally present themselves as short elongated bubbles (approx 10/15cm long), running parallel to the length of the wall covering and tend to look staggered across the sheet. It is highly unlikely that these type of bubbles will reduce upon drying or be removable once dry.


For wall coverings to fully dry out it could take from 2 to 7 days, dependent upon the type of wall covering and other factors, such as wall surface, adhesive and atmospheric condition etc.