carpenter framing services canada

Carpenter & Framing Services Toronto Canada

Project Management

Our carpentry team is a team of very serious professionals dedicated to everything that Works of any complexity, no matter how demanding it may be, we guarantee that we can do them in the shortest time. Doors, windows, interior stairs, fences, furniture, baseboards, panels, frames for paintings, and alleles … we customize any carpentry work. If you are not determined or still do not know completely what kind of carpenter you want, with our experience we will help you with ideas and tips to make the result unique.

Bespoke and tailored joinery for

Deck Construction and Repair
Decks (Covered and Uncovered)
Roof Framing and Decking
Patio Cover Repair and Installation
Wood Gazebos installation and repair
Wood Pergolas installation and repair
Exterior wall framing
Wood Siding installation and repair
Interior and Exterior Staircases and Railings
Framing Components installation and repair kitchen
Windows and doors
House extensions and conversions and more

We always offer:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Timely completed projects
  • Clean and organized jobsite
  • Professional and knowledgeable crew
  • Safe work place practices

Reporting and Cost Control

We will establish with you the type of material used and the preferred model, at the same time we will determine the costs necessary to complete the project to be sure that we do not exceed the budget established by you. We offer quality services and materials so that the final project is unique.

Your dream and our promise

We promise you that you will have the most beautiful experience we can offer you along with the most beautiful project you have dreamed of.
Attention to detail, your requirements and quality will bring you the peace and security you need. Give us an opportunity and you have the chance to meet in person and bring the idea into reality.

Coordination Process and Consultancy

Consultancy in the choice of material and design is the first and most important step. Once you contact us, we will guide you and give you all the necessary clarifications to choose the right type of wardrobe to complement your kitchen, bedroom, living room or other space in your home. At the same time, if you have chosen to call on the services of an architect or interior designer, we assure you that we can collaborate with openness to the desired specifications, regardless of complexity.